Hi I'm Charlotte and I like to photograph people. Over 100 weddings in, I still get a little teary at the speeches.

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I studied maths and economics at uni and used to be an accountant. Becoming a freelance creative is the scariest and best decision of my life so far.

My parents are from Chongqing in China, but I grew up in Birmingham. No Thomas-Fookin-Shelby accent to show for it, sadly.

Bramble is my grumpy pygmy hedgehog and Hamish is my stubborn Westie pup. I’ll never stop gushing at every dog I meet.

If you like Parks & Recreation, My Favourite Murder or Hamilton the musical… we’ll probably get along instantly.

These are breathtaking!

We’ve spent the evening emotionally pouring over them as we get overexcited messages from friends and family proclaiming their favourites. You couldn’t have captured the day (and everyone there) more perfectly.